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Working on Arch at the Polo Grounds

These are images of the construction of the Arch. It is in Aptos California. Created in 2004

Video on my installation of the Sailmaker exhibit at the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz, California

Sailmaker Series

These are sketches to commence my new series of sculptures. The Sailmaker series

EDGE: Art on the Westside Exhibit

My studio is on the Westside of Santa Cruz, California. There is an exhibit of a few artists from this very artistically rich area at the Blitzer Gallery Home

Making Clay Birds colored with Terra Sigillata

This is a step by step presentation on how to make stylized clay birds and the use of Terra Sigillata to color them. How to burnish them, and after a cone 019 bisque how to smoke them in a can. The bisque can go to cone 06 if the ware needs to be stronger. The […]

Making a Ceramic Tiles Chair

This is a step by step project on how to make a ceramic tiles chair. Beginning with the stucco armature, covering it with foam to allow for the 10% shrinkage of the clay, draping and sculpting the clay, cutting it into tiles, bisque and glaze firing the tiles and finally using thin set to attach […]