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Finding our Past

Working on Finding our Past. walls on side of underpass off Highway 1 at Porter and Bay Avenue Exit in Santa Cruz, California. Clay and cement, Two walls each 110 feet long. 1996. This Sculpture won the Environs Enhancement Award from Cal Trans in 1997 and the Santa Cruz Archaeological Society Presidential Award for artistic […]

Working on Arch at the Polo Grounds

These are images of the construction of the Arch. It is in Aptos California. Created in 2004

Interview with Ruth Copland

Click on link below to hear interview with Ruth Copland with me about my work, art, and the art process. Interview begins at 52:30 minutes

Sailmaker Series

These are sketches to commence my new series of sculptures. The Sailmaker series

Ceramic Installation at Depot Park


Abstract Sculptures and Paintings are on exhibit at the Davenport Gallery in Davenport, California.

Clay Chair

I posted the video on how to make clay bamboo. The new post will be on how to make a clay chair. Here it is with clay draped and sculpted over a stuccoed armature. Next, I will cut clay into tiles, bisque and glaze them, and then thin set the tiles back onto the stuccoed […]

How to Make your own Clay Sink

This is a step by step presentation on how to make your own clay sink. I hope you enjoy the process.