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New Sculptures at Art 4 Art exhibit

This is one of my new sculptures at the ART 4 ART exhibit at the Blitzer Gallery in Santa Cruz, California.
It runs the month of May 2012

Trees and Birds (abstract paintings)

These paintings were inspired by my sculptures. The represent stylized trees, birds, nests and eggs set in different environments.
Arboles y Nidos, paintingsArboles y Nidos, paintings

Ceramic Installation at Depot Park

Ceramics Then and Now

This is a web site that I created that shows my new ceramic sculptures and the ceramic works I have been doing for the past 30 years.

Experience Clay

I have organized a weekend of Clay Demonstrations, Workshops, and Presentations.
July 16th & 17th 10-5
It is going to be a very complete ceramics experience.
Here is the downloadable flier.
For more information and to register for workshops please go to our web site


EDGE: Art on the Westside Exhibit

My studio is on the Westside of Santa Cruz, California. There is an exhibit of a few artists from this very artistically rich area at the Blitzer Gallery


Tropical Rain Forest Mural

I’ve been teaching painting techniques and the love of color to some 3rd grade students. The culmination of our painting lessons is to do this mural. For this mural I bought red, yellow and blue paint and all the colors have been mixed by the kids. It is wonderful to see them working and saying things such as I need my purple to be a little darker or to lighten up the orange. There are still 2 more 3rd grade classes that have to paint on the mural for it to be done. I will keep posting

New look after 25 more kids painted on mural.
The painting part of the mural is done. This is what it looks like now. We made little clay birds last week and will glaze them this week. These birds will go on the mural in a special way. I will keep you posted.

Finished mural with little clay birds.


Colorful Tiled Sculptures

These sculptures were created by making the form in clay and bisque and the adding the designs with broken ceramics, inter locked with created ceramic shapes and glass remnants.


Ceramic Egg Shell Bowls

I love making these ceramic bowls.
They show up in my sculptures as nests.
They do also have an exquisite life of their own.


Sculptures 2010

These are the new sculptures I have just finished