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Susana building the ceramic boats

This is a video showing how simple it can be to make a large ceramic piece. Just have fun with it.

Sailmaker Series

These are sketches to commence my new series of sculptures. The Sailmaker series

Trees, Birds, Nests

These are the last sculptures of this series. I am now starting the “Sailmaker” series which I am very excited about. I am still working on it and will be able to post some images in about a month.

New Sculptures at Art 4 Art exhibit

This is one of my new sculptures at the ART 4 ART exhibit at the Blitzer Gallery in Santa Cruz, California. It runs the month of May 2012

Ceramic Installation at Depot Park

Ceramics Then and Now

This is a web site that I created that shows my new ceramic sculptures and the ceramic works I have been doing for the past 30 years.

Colorful Tiled Sculptures

These sculptures were created by making the form in clay and bisque and the adding the designs with broken ceramics, inter locked with created ceramic shapes and glass remnants. HOME BACK TO NEWS

Ceramic Egg Shell Bowls

I love making these ceramic bowls. They show up in my sculptures as nests. They do also have an exquisite life of their own. Enjoy! HOME

Sculptures 2010

These are the new sculptures I have just finished Enjoy! HOME BACK TO NEWS

little clay Birds/Pajaritos en Ceramica

Esta es una presentacion de como hacer pajaritos estilizados en ceramica y terminarlos en terra sigillata. Terra Sigillata es un proceso donde se aplica una fina capa de un barro muy fino sobre la ceramica y se pule para que resulte un lustre sin el uso de esmaltes. This is a process presentation on how […]